Baobab Cafe

77 Noskely 619,, Morondava, Madagascar

Baobab Cafe is a hotel located in Morondava, Madagascar. The average rating of this place is 3.60 out of 5 stars based on 64 reviews. The street address of this place is 77 Noskely 619,, Morondava, Madagascar. It is about 0.22 kilometers away from Le Corail.

User Reviews

5 JD Willemse - 5 years ago

Possibly the most beautiful place we stayed all trip. The room was small, but comfortable. This hotel is close enough to town so you can walk around but also far enough to be quiet. The dining are has a view or the river/swamp. There is an odd smell that persists—possibly caused by stagnant water.

4 Michiel de Vlieger - 5 years ago

Very beautiful hotel in old fashioned local style carved wood all over. View over the water. Nice swimming pool. Lush garden. Pleasant covered terrace. Los of drinks to choose from as well as wide choice in menu. Kind staff and very helpful. You wouldn't know if you just drive by go enter the place and be amazed.

1 Yingli Ni - 3 years ago

Arrogant Staff. Expensive hotel. Not Safe room. Only the pool is nice. So NOT RECOMMENDED.

First of all, Our money (80000ariary u003d 15euro ) was LOST in our room when we were swimming downstairs in the pool. The staffs were not helpful at all. They said they don't have superkey and it was totally our fault.

The manager also threatened us and said ' You are just a tourist and why don't you just shut up. Accept this and get out of this hotel '. In the end, The manager said 'I don't speak English' and rejected to talk with us. This attitude is not acceptable at all! And they STEAL guest money !! In the end, we went to the local police office. This accident was totally ruined our day.

The room itself is not clean. We found one blue jean skirt left from the previous guest in our bathroom. The shower water is not warm. We also found a bag of dozen pens left from the previous guest.

This hotel is too expensive compared to what we get. One night per room is 75 euro excluding breakfast, etc. You even need to pay for the butter in the morning.
In our whole trip, this hotel is the most expensive one that we ever had.


酒店老板的黑人老婆,还一度恐吓威胁我们,还笑嘻嘻的说你们没办法的,自己认栽好了。然后酒店老板就用英语说, ’我不说英语‘。态度真的是太差了,我从来没见过这么差的酒店。觉得是在窝囊的不行, 后来叫来了警察,警察也有些护当地人,也就不了了之最后。当时我们还是去了警察局, 旅游一下,还去警察局也是服气。



1 Petra D. - 4 years ago

We stayed there one night after Tsingy, since we wanted to try another hotel than Chez Maggie, where we stayed before and which we thought was slightly overpriced. We were foolish, since the best room in Chez Maggie (220 000 Ar/doubleroom/night) was so much better than the room we had in baobab cafe. We chose a room for 190 000 Ar ( there was one other for 250 000) and it was terrible - old, dark, many mosquitos (luckilly there was a mosquito net) and the worst bed we've experienced in Madagascar so far. Everytime I moved only a little, the bed was really noisy, so we did not get any sleep.

Restaurant was ok, but Chez Maggie was much better. Also there were rats.and cocroaches running around the rastaurant, but it is just next to mangrove trees, so that's probably normal in that area.

Also the wifi was not working anywhere else, but the reception...

1 Debbie Jacobsmeier - 3 years ago

The room smelled bad and had dirty walls. The bathroom had wood slats for Windows and it sounded like a bird got in my room over night. There was a brown leather pad where there used to be a door on the side of the wall. The pillows were hard and large like fred flintstone pillows. The wifi does not work.

1 Lili Song - 5 years ago

Expensive and terrible food, the steak is small and dry, very low quality of meat, no taste at all, the fish is not fresh, tasted like old frozen fish. Not recommended at all, the worst dining experience in Morondava, will never come back again.

4 epetrou - 2 years ago

Great location, right on the river bank. I would highly recommend walking around to find it and enjoy a drink or two on its terrace.

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