Hotel Bougainvilliers Morondava

P74C+W84, Morondava, Madagascar

Hotel Bougainvilliers Morondava is a hotel located in Morondava, Madagascar. The average rating of this place is 3.60 out of 5 stars based on 48 reviews. The street address of this place is P74C+W84, Morondava, Madagascar. It is about 0.25 kilometers away from Le Corail.

User Reviews

3 Maaike Schillemans - 4 years ago

Rooms don't look so nice and beds are poor, but there is hot water. Our diner was quite bad (meat was 2/3 fat), but we heard from other guests that theirs was fine, so maybe we had the leftovers. Prices are good though and in the restaurant area their is wifi and a little beach.

5 Judith Prenner - 4 years ago

If you stay there we highly recommend Francois, he works there in the office and can help you organizing tours, drivers and/or transport to other destinations! He is friendly and knows French and English and he is very helpful! Staff is very friendly, food at the restaurant is good, on our last night they served us 2 delicious big shrimps for free. The bungalows are basic but nice. The basic rooms they offer are a very good budget option to stay near the beach! We saw a chameleon in front of our bungalow!

5 Ivan De la Torre Cantos - 4 years ago

Excellent service and staff. Good assortment of local à la carte food at very reasonable prices. Though a little bit wornout, bungalows are comfy and spacious. Location at the beach was perfect. Staff is very helpful if you want to organize tours.Probably one of the best budget places to stay in Morondava.

4 esseGesse Et - 4 years ago

It's bungalows with fairly comfortable rooms. It's closer to the sea than any hotel I've ever stayed in. At high tide the water will literally come within inches of common area dining tables. Mosquito nets inside. Wifi mediocre at best. Good food menu and it's prepared well. Gated with security. Recommended.
Before you settle immediately check for shower head water pressure as some of the rooms will have the pressure so weak you can't take a shower. Also, make sure your shower has hot water as this is a problem in some of the rooms as well.

1 Aaron Dobson - 4 years ago

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. I should have heeded my mother’s warning, but as it is I have bed bug bites covering my entire body. As an added bonus, the shrimp in the hotel restaurant gave me wracking diarrhea.

On the upside the bungalow is beautifully situated by the ocean.

Bottom line: go elsewhere in Morondava. Saving a few ariary is not worth it.

1 Aline Wald - 4 years ago

We cannot recommended this hotel.

No running water - shower out of the bukets,
Electricity shut down during the night - no more fan working with 30 degrees in the room,
No housekeeping,
Most unfriendliest staff in the restaurant and dirty cuttlery/ dishes

3 Estelle Antilahy - 2 years ago

Hotel has just an amazing location by the sea. While inside the bungalow, your hotel dream faded away. Need some refreshing works.

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