Kimony Resort Hotel is a hotel, badminton court, basketball court, beach pavillion, canoe \u0026 kayak rental service, fine dining restaurant, gift basket store, soccer field, volleyball court and zoo located in Morondava, Madagascar. The average rating of this place is 3.50 out of 5 stars based on 62 reviews. The street address of this place is Morondava, Madagascar. It is about 3.64 kilometers away from Le Corail.

User Reviews

1 Michal Šipoš - 3 years ago

After couple weeks of travelling in Madagascar we have decided to take a day of relax in Morondava and we chose this resort.
According to the high price comparing to other places of Madagascar we expected also related standards.
Beach was like 20-25 minutes walking from the resort.
Kitchen and restaurant very very slow. Food not properly cooked.
Hot water was not working. Cold water stinks.
Huge cockroach in the bungalow.
While asking for the bill of whole stay they charged us things we didn't even have or bought, asking the staff what is that? They replied laughing that it must be a mistake and they gave us money back.
If you want to pay by card resort is charging you 5% fee.
I am disappointed, the only positive things were swimming pool and comfi bed

1 Jeffrey Yen - 4 years ago

We came here to see their "reserve." It was an appalling collection of tiny enclosures with visibly stressed animals. It was dirty and hot and absolutely heartbreaking. They had a fossa in a tiny cage with a bare concrete floor covered is feces and rotting meat with only a dog house for refuge. Nothing to climb on or any kind of enrichment. When we came to their crocodile the lady showing us around produced a lot stick so she could poke it through the chain link fence. I cannot speak to the quality of the hotel but based on what I witnessed I would not want to give my money to these people at all.

4 Magdana Gedeon - 4 years ago

I really appreciate the atmosphere. The people are nice. The only problem is from the transition of the solar system to the generator. They do not know how to manage it yet. Twice I got the water caught off while taking shower. Once, we had to cook very late due to lack of water. Additionally, we were charge an exorbitant amount for food.

3 Jude - 2 years ago

Desolate and incredibly windy. Very basic, but that was to be expected. My husband and I both got bad food poisoning from our meal there. Definitely our least favorite stop in Madagascar.

5 Andrew Mackenzie - 5 years ago

Nice place, bungalows and friendly staff

5 Aina Daniel RAKOTONIRINA - 3 years ago

Very nice

4 arsene rakotonirina - 4 years ago


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