P749+3VH, Rue De L' Independance, Morondava, Madagascar

MAEVA HOTEL is a hotel located in Morondava, Madagascar. The average rating of this place is 3.40 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews. The street address of this place is P749+3VH, Rue De L' Independance, Morondava, Madagascar. It is about 0.09 kilometers away from Le Corail.

User Reviews

3 Андрей Коваленко - 2 years ago

Not bad restaurant, but very strange rooms - e. g. you need to pay additional fee to use air conditioner. Good point - hotel is located on a beach near ocean.

1 Yasser Morgan 1978 - 3 years ago

Alan, the French man who claims that he runs this hotel, went into my room and found a gecko dead near my bed. He went out of my room with crazy face while I was dining, took a knife of my table, and tried to attack me with the knife and stab me speaking in French.

I understood he wanted to kill me in revenge for the gecko!!!!

The question is : what kind of tour manager in a hotel would that to a tourist who pays almost 40 € per night, and always use the restaurant, a tourist who did no harm to anyone?!!

What was going on Alan's head when he pointed that knife towards me!!!!

Is this normal?!!
Is hotel manager his real job and true identity, mentioning that he told me that he is a retired French army sergeant!!!

Is he here in Madagascar in mission to attack me?!! And why?!!!

I should have reported that to police.

I even didn't lay a finger on him because he is old.

Does anyone has explanation to this biz are phenomenon?!!!

2 Robin Andersson - 4 years ago

Pretty nice hotell, but the reason I only give 2 stars is because they had a lemur in a small cage in the backyard. It hurts a lot to see an animal with so big territory in the wild having it reduced to 1/1000 of it. Please set it free

4 Dinh Doan Van Bien - 4 years ago

Tasty food - the preparation is a bit long though but I guess everything is very fresh.

5 Hervé Mariette - 9 months ago

(Translated by Google) By the beach, direct access to the sea, simple and friendly hotel .. staff and the owner Sarah, very pleasant .. I recommend the prawns.
Attractive rates
Air conditioning available as an option

En bord de plage,accès direct à la mer,hôtel simple et sympa..personnel et la patronne Sarah,très agré recommande les crevettes.
Tarifs attractifs
Clim disponible en option

5 Simon BECK - 3 years ago

(Translated by Google) Very nice hotel by the water, very attentive receptionist

Hôtel très agréable au bord de l'eau, réceptionniste très attentionnée

4 Rostislav Klar - 3 years ago

(Translated by Google) WiFi is here

Je tady WiFi

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